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Creating the perfect Home Office

By February 9, 2016Uncategorized

This article was originally posted by @Home, and we think they nailed it so we are sharing it with you (link to original article below).

By making your Home office space not only functional, but also beautiful and welcoming, your office will become more than just the area you work from. It will become an inviting extension of the rest of your home, which is sure to make ‘going to work’ a whole lot easier. So here are our top tips on how to create the perfect home office:

Location, location, location

When deciding on a work area in your home, choose a dedicated space that is well ventilated, has natural light and is conducive to work. It should be separate from the main hustle and bustle of your home, with the option of ‘closing the door’ when you need to. However, experts say that if it is too far removed from the rest of your home activity, it can actually discourage you from working. Although the two spaces should be distinctly separate, shifting between ‘being at home’ and ‘being in the office’ should be quick and easy.

Style meets function

Identify the key furniture pieces you need for your office, decide what style and look you want, and then choose pieces that are both beautiful and functional. The right desk is the cornerstone of good office space – choose from the latest designs ranging from contemporary and modern, to urban with an industrial feel.

Choose a colour you love

We all know that colour influences our mood. Choose a wall colour that you love and that has both a calming and energising effect on you. If you aren’t brave enough to paint your entire office, why not opt for an accent wall or add colour with cushions, decor accessories or art. For some colour inspiration, read about the 2016 Plascon Colour Forecast.

Sitting pretty

The quality and comfort of your office chair affects your health and productivity. Invest in a chair that is comfortable, ergonomically correct and encourages correct posture. We suggest you look at Human Scale World chair.

Simply uncluttered

Design and organise your office in such a way that books, files and stationary are easily stored away for an uncluttered, clean look. The more organised and streamlined your office is, the more productive you will be.

It is inevitable that the rest of your life will spill over into your office space from time to time. An easy way to manage this is to have a dedicated basket in your office where you put everything that doesn’t really belong there (think coffee cups, kids toys, personal accounts etc.), and empty it at the end of each day.

Let there be light

Not having enough light in your work space can lead to strained eyes, headaches and productivity loss. Although natural light is always best, many of us don’t have the luxury of having big windows in our office, which can make lighting necessary even during daytime. Invest in a bright ceiling light for overall lighting in the room, and then pair it with a compact desk lamp that works well with the style and feel you are wanting to create.

In a nutshell, creating the perfect home office is all about knowing your particular work style and identifying the space you need to create, to stay inspired and effective all year round. Here’s to a beautifully productive 2016!