Shell Executive Range

The Shell furniture range achieves a sort of modern luxury rarely seen in executive offerings.

With the Shell executive range, we broke the mould of the traditional executive office and explored the elements that can make a work environment inspiring. We played with organic shapes and curves to inspire freedom of thought and a sense of control. The result is a truly unique executive desk shaped to its user or “thinker”. These intentionally shaped and proportioned elements and carefully selected materials, soft curves and layered textures are what defines the shell furniture range and give it a unique visual impact.

Since the launch of the Shell executive desk, wall unit and side storage in 2017 the range has expanded to include lounge chairs, coffee tables, a TV unit and various meeting tables. The latest of which is a playful use of shape and material to produce an elegant oval 2400 x 200 table with a curved join, made possible by a precision laser cutting. The focus has always been on quality, and when you sit down at the desk or table, the tactile aspect of the product comes to life. The layers of the birch ply is visible in the chamfered edge of the top, polished by hand. The soft touch laminate has low reflection, has a silk feel and an anti-bacterial quality that has become so important in meeting areas going forward. The steel frame is designed and made by us and is another unique feature of the range.

The high-quality birch ply layers are visible in the chamfered edge of the product.

The Xtreme Matt finish has a low light reflectivity, an anti-fingerprint quality and is soft to the touch.

Cleaning Instructions

Shell Product Gallery

Shell is a range of hand-finished, high-quality birch ply office furniture.

It is a customisable range that can be adapted and suited to each individual. The original designs were shaped to us and our dreams.

We combine the latest technology and machine precision with the care and patience of a true woodworker. Each product is cut, pressed and drilled with pre-programmed accuracy and meticulously finished and polished by hand to get the perfect edge and durability. Chamfered edge exposes the layers of birch ply and the quality of the products. While the High-Pressure laminate adds to the durability and modern appearance

  • Lead times for Shell range products are 15-20 working days.
  • Black and White are standard laminate colours.
  • Enquire about different laminate colours and consult our industrial designer regarding custom designs.
  • Designed and manufactured by Entrawood, in SA.
  • 5 Year manufacturing Guarantee