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Cable Management Port to change in 2022

With time comes change. We are changing the cable management ports on our Evolution, Shell and Projekt ranges to the medium grey round component featured here. The change is a consequence of supply and availability issues of the square, chrome finish cable port we used before. We always strive to maintain excellent and uninterrupted service to our clients.
Jan 21, 2022
Food for thought

Hybrid Work – and what it means

The hybrid workplace combines remote work (whether that be from home, a cafe, co-work or shared office) and work in a traditional office space. The goal of the hybrid workplace is to support every work style and every employee. This model may look different for different companies and individuals, the main thing is that the policies, infrastructure and technical support, make flexibility possible. Let's look at a few popular models:Image…
Jan 21, 2022
ManufacturingSteel Office Furniture

Urban Blue powder coating

URBAN BLUE POWDER COAT – NEW! The colour is a deep ocean blue, with a matte finish, which reflects light beautifully, giving the steel light and dark shades. The new colour goes particularly well with: White Folkstone Grey Mondego Elm Storm Grey Ferrara Oak Please request to see a physical sample of the colour, colour may vary from the screen or print material.
Nov 4, 2021
Office FurnitureSteel Office Furniture

Design Joburg Collective 2021 Summer

Entrawood recently participated in the Design Joburg Collective 2021 Summer event, 28-31 October in The Kramerville Design District. Presented by Sanlam Private Wealth, and in association with SA Tourism, #DJC21SUMMER was a free-to-attend urban showcase of décor, design and creativity. Participating showrooms and studios opened their doors to present new products, collections, talks and more. Plus: pop-ups, art exhibitions, installations, and the Fourways Farmer’s Market (at Kramerville Corner). Presented with…
Nov 3, 2021
Office Furniture

Agile Furniture for Multi-use spaces

A dynamic or dual-purpose space need furniture that can be easily rearranged to serve various activities. If it can fold-up, roll around, or stacked it will work great in your dynamic setting. Here are a few examples of how Entrakor’s mobile furniture can be used:   An office with a Colab room that also needs to be used as a training facility could have a large fold-up meeting table with…
Jul 26, 2021
Food for thought

Meet Lisa

We have also welcomed a new interior designer to our team, Lisa Moodie, who will be taking over from Talia. She has ample experience working closely with clients to make their vision come to life. Read more about her background and design philosophy. How did your design career thus far lead you to Entrawood (career history)I have always been interested in design and art. Creating something beautiful and watching it…
Mar 10, 2021
Food for thought

5 Things to consider when building the brief

It is often the case that clients are not sure what their office needs are. They know how many people they have to provide workstations for and the size of the space, but rarely do they have a clear brief regarding the type of workstations or the layout or most importantly what they want to achieve with the office upgrade. Here are a few questions we like to ask to…
Mar 9, 2021
Food for thoughtOffice Layout Solutions

How to reconnect organisations and their employees

As a recent article by Gensler put it "I think you’re on mute!” is fast becoming a contender for the headline of 2020." (Gensler, November 18, 2020). The virus has changed how people engage, businesses operate and countries are governed, it will no doubt have a lasting effect on the corporate world, with a big focus on health and safety in the workplace. We start a new year, with new goals…
Jan 21, 2021

Backdrop range, launched 2021

Backdrop sample display unit We are very excited about this exciting new range by Entrawood, that offers our clients customised and purpose-built solution for the projects. There are so many possibilities and applications from Display units for shops and restaurants, to practical storage units for offices and even multi-purpose, storage, display and TV units for homes! Here you can see the SHowroom sample display unit that makes it easy and…
Sep 4, 2020