A storage and display range that allows you to design storage or displays to suit your particular needs and exact space. Create the display for your store, or a practical and attractive room divider in an office. You can go low, you can go high. Everything is precision drilled, according to your signed off drawing. It arrives flat pack to your site and is assembled quickly and easily without the need for drilling or cutting to fit the unit to a wall. What’s not to love?

Follow the guidelines below to create your own custom piece.

  • For stability there always needs to be at least one “complete” storage unit (with top, bottom, back and sides) included in your design.
  • Wood components: All horizontals will be 22mm melamine, all verticals can be 16mm melamine.
  • Wooden storage units: Doors and drawers hide the verticals of the carcass, whilst the horizontal top and bottom of the carcass remain visible (as with all the standard storage units).
  • The direction of the grain is always vertical (as with all the standard storage units).
  • The largest recommended distance between steel frames/tubes is 1200, this is to avoid shelves sagging or overloading of storage units.
  • Steel is always 25mm square tube, and 50mm inset from the front and back of the shelves/ storage units.
  • The steel frame will have adjustable ferrules for levelling.
  • The first shelf/storage unit starts 120mm from the bottom/floor.
  • Try to only have steel tube vertically, avoid return/horizontal steel tube (connecting the front and back vertical steel frames). This is to try and limit drilling to only 2 sides of the tube/frame. It is however possible if the design requires it.
  • There will always be a break/shadow-line between shelves/storage units where they are separated by the steel frame.
  • A top can be added, without any breaks for steel frame, in this case the fitting is “installed’ in the steel frame and screwed up, into the top.
  • Colours of generally components are limited to Entrawood/Entrakor standard colours.