Maluti Height Adjustable Desk Range

Designed and manufactured by Entrawood in South Africa

Maluti Height-adjustable desks support natural movement and sit-to-stand posture flow.

Move, sit, stand, work. The Maluti desks adapt to each user’s needs as they adjust from a sitting or standing position throughout the day, supporting good blood circulation and reducing neck and back strain.

As an office furniture manufacturer, Entrawood has a responsibility to the South African workforce to address the ergonomics of the typical office worker.

People are not moving enough throughout their workday. The average office worker is sitting 50-70% of the time. This seated workstyle poses long-term physical challenges, from back and neck pain to repetitive stress injuries study (The BMJ, Effectiveness of the Stand More AT (SMArT) Work intervention: cluster randomised controlled trial, published 10 Oct 2018). Entrawood wanted to offer SA companies, that place a high value on ergonomics and the health of their workforce, a quality, local height-adjustable desk range that supports the movement.

MALUTI Height adjustable

Dream Desk

MALUTI Height adjustable

Single Desk

MALUTI Height adjustable

Dual Desk

Maluti specifications

  • Premium Quality German & Austrian drive and electronics

  • Built-in anti-pinch protection

  • Frame Height variation floor to desk: 694mm – 1210mm height

  • Frame Width Variation: 1200mm – 2000mm wide

  • Lifting Speed: 38 mm/s Maximum lifting weight: 110kg

  • Excellent stability

  • Product of South Africa

  • 3-year warranty


Standard Up-Down Switch

Comes standard with each Maluti Height adjustable desk. You have the option to upgrade to a different control switch.

The height of the desktop can be adjusted by holding in the up or down arrow until the desktop has reached the desired position.


Programmable Switch

The user can set and store up to 4 preferred desktop positions.
Hold the number of the pre-set position down. The desktop will stop moving once the preset position has been reached.



Can be controlled manually or through Bluetooth via a free Motion@Work app on
your smartphone. The app can alert you when it is time to stand, helping you to
optimise the use of the desk. You can also store your preferred height settings and review your desk usage.

Punto Plus:

Desktop Power

The power set fits into the standard 80mm cable management port on the desktop.
It allows the user to power a laptop, phone and light, and accommodates a pull-through network cable. 5m Cable is included.

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