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Entrawood is operating within the prescribed framework of Level 4 lockdown. Please contact us for any space planning, product design and order placements.

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We don’t just design furniture we design a user experience. The aim of both our product and layout designs is to unlock potential. Our in-house design team attend world trade shows during the year to stay abreast with international design standards.
Based on your company culture, goals and employee needs we can help you create an office space as unique as your business.

How We


ENTRAWOOD and ENTRAKOR are proudly South African with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing office furniture. Meticulous planning guarantees on-time deliveries, with a lead time of just 10 working days in Gauteng and 15 working days in all other areas. We promise
high-quality products backed up by our 5-year manufacturing guarantee as well as a minimum of 90% local (SA) content on our main ranges.

How You


We believe that the world needs innovative entrepreneurs and successful small businesses; and that intentionally designed offices spaces and a vibrant office culture play a big role in their success.
By investing in the right office furniture and considered layout, leaders can take full advantage of their office space, effectively increasing productivity, lowering sick days and ultimately providing a return on investment that allows any business to prosper.

How You


Designing an environment, not just for visual impact, but also for health, comfort, flexibility and ease of use, ensures that you cultivate a happy, healthy and considerate company culture.

We offer complimentary space planning services to help you take full advantage of the structural and environmental elements to create a great employee experience.

Shell Meeting & Boardroom Furniture
Cocoon Booths & Privacy Pods
Evolution Corporate Furniture
Elevate Storage & Lockers
Salon Work Lounge Furniture
Shell Meeting & Boardroom Furniture
Shell Executive Furniture
Cocoon Ottomans


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In a time when critical thinking, creativity and teamwork drives and supports growth, your employees are your most important asset. Together we can help you design an employee experience and create an environment that offers the user control and choice of how and where to work. We can assist you in selecting and arranging spatial elements to enhance the agility and mobility of your team.

Entrawood and Entrakoor are registered at customs as a SADC exporter. Our products are individually packaged and bar coded, which makes it easy for our clients’ export needs.

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