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Agile Furniture for Multi-use spaces

By Jul 26, 2021Office Furniture

A dynamic or dual-purpose space need furniture that can be easily rearranged to serve various activities. If it can fold-up, roll around, or stacked it will work great in your dynamic setting. Here are a few examples of how Entrakor’s mobile furniture can be used:


An office with a Colab room that also needs to be used as a training facility could have a large fold-up meeting table with mobile ottomans in around the table, and a TV stand (that includes a whiteboard on the reverse) for teamwork or a brainstorming session. Then the fold-up meeting table can be popped up and rolled aside to make way for fold-and-nest desks that can be arranged around a focal point, like the mobile TV stand, to set up a training or classroom scenario. The space can also be rearranged into an office using the Fold-and-nest tables and adding free-standing cocoon screens on top of the fold-up meeting tables to create 2-way desks. Stand-up meeting tables on lockable casters are also ideal for a meeting, training or even canteen area.

In a hospitality setting the round fold-up tables can be rolled into position and popped open, arrange stacking chairs around the tables. Fold-up tables can be brought in and placed strategically to serve as serving or display tables. Your wedding/conference/event setting can easily be packed up, stacked and stored to clear the room for your next activity or event.

Entrawood offers a variety of furniture options in this dynamic furniture category, give us a call to find out how you can create a dynamic space for your business, training centre or conference hall.