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Meet Lisa

By Mar 10, 2021Mar 14th, 2021Food for thought

We have also welcomed a new interior designer to our team, Lisa Moodie, who will be taking over from Talia. She has ample experience working closely with clients to make their vision come to life. Read more about her background and design philosophy.

  1. How did your design career thus far lead you to Entrawood (career history)

    I have always been interested in design and art. Creating something beautiful and watching it come to life is very gratifying and rewarding.

    After matriculating I decided to start my design career studying Graphic Design. I was exposed to a variety of different projects, clients, and charities.

    Soon after graduating, I was employed by a company that specialises in manufacturing and designing sports clothing. Spending almost 2 years with them,  I decided it was time to broaden my design horizon, thus taking my journey into Easylife Kitchens where I spent over 6 years designing and selling state of the art kitchens, bedrooms, bars, and vanities.

    I am so privileged that the heart of the kitchen has led me into the home of Entrawood.
  1. What do you enjoy most about being a designer?

I love the fact that I can see my ideas transform to life and that I can express myself through my work. In my opinion, designing is more a calling than an occupation thus creativity will always be at the forefront of my approach.

  1. Which 3 words best describe you?

Driven, Passionate & Caffeine!!

  1. Choose one of the following design philosophies that resonate with you:
    1. Function over form
    2. Aiming for “WOW!”
    3. Less is more
    4. Proportion is everything

5. How was your 1st week at Entrawood?

My first week at Entrawood can be described as absolutely amazing. I feel so fortunate to share the office space with such committed and passionate colleagues. They made me feel right at home.

  1. How do you think office design has changed since the pandemic?

If people weren’t paying attention to office design, they definitely are doing so now. The world is constantly changing around us and it’s necessary to adapt and change with it, especially with a pandemic as serious as COVID-19. Not only is it important to have new safety measures in place, but also creating a vibrant, happy environment/office space for your employees and clients. This can brighten the morale and culture of the company.

The industry itself and many others have gone through hardship and dealing with COVID has shown how strong our industry has become. Pioneering the way forward no matter the obstacle.

  1. Do you have a message for our clients/dealers?

Be positive, stay proactive and never take quality for granted.