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How We Meet Matters

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Research has shown that most meetings are a major productivity killer. "Researchers from Harvard Business School and Boston University surveyed 182 senior managers across industries and their results were telling: 65 percent of senior managers said that meetings keep them from completing their own work, 71 percent found them to be unproductive and inefficient and 62 percent stated that meetings miss opportunities to bring the team closer together." - CNBC...
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The 48hour brief with INSCAPE Education Group

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We are often faced with tight deadlines and pressure to do a layout, render, get approval to place an order within in a day or two, so that we can make, deliver, install office furniture 2 weeks later. In collaboration with Leigh Krueger, the Undergraduate Academic Manager and Carsten Walton, the Faculty Dean for Built Environment we created a challenging but fun brief  for the 2nd year students at all...
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“Collaboration” and “Communication” are words that have been used more and more in association with Office planning, furniture and employee satisfaction. As more businesses adopt and incorporate the concept of improving the flow of people and information in an office space, there is an increase demand for designers to create more ways for employees to meet, and more links and overlaps between departments integrating all people and aspects of a…

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Layout Project with BHC School of Design

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Entrawood Office Furniture Solutions recently collaborated with BHC School of Design to create a design and layout challenge for the Second year students. The aim of the project was to give young up and coming interior designers a taste for office Design as well as challenge their layout and conceptualisation skills. Students were given an office layout of 250m2 into which they had to arrange at least 37 individual work…

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