Salon A Chair

Create a Salon curved Sofa by combining different combinations of the Salon A & V chairs. Play with fabric colours and textures to create a unique look.

3x Salon V or Salon A chairs are required to be ordered and connected in sequence, to create a stable free-standing set.
4 Salon V chairs in sequence create a 1/4 circle (inside facing).
A full circle outside diameter is 2517mm, the inner diameter is 1100mm
COM fabric meters stated are based on 140cm fabric width and does not apply to patterned fabrics.

Note, that selecting different fabric and steel colour options won’t change the image but will assist when quoting.


Create a curved sofa using the “A” shape Salon chair. You can also create unique curves by combining with both A and/or V salon chairs (minimum of 3) to create a shaped sofa.
710 x 480 x 880(h)

632 720 020 Retro Fabric
632 720 021 Vulcan Fabric
632 720 023 Blazer Fabric
632 720 022 COM 1,2m/chair

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