Mobile TV Stand

In an agile office where you want to be able to move and adapt the space to the activities you need a mobile TV stand, which offers you the freedom to switch from a presentation, to a brain storming session by just turning the stand. YOu want the flexibility to move the stand around to wherever your meeting is happening, or even just closer to (use the Monitor/white board) or further away (to create space for more team members) from your meeting table.


  • White board on one side
  • Space to mount TV on other side (brackets not included)
  • Open storage (incl. shelves) on the sides.
  • Reticulated centre for cabling.
  • Cable management ports
  • Bumper edge around base
  • Large, lockble casters

Mobile TV Stand SMALL  – SKU 7111 7001
Size of Storage box only – 1200x300x1800
Size incl. casters & Base – 1340x590x1900
Accommodates 32 – 43 inch (810mm to 1090mm wide) TV’s

Mobile TV Stand LARGE – SKU 7111 7002
Size of Storage box only – 1370x300x1800
Size incl. casters & Base – 1510x590x1900
Accommodates 45 – 50 inch (1090mm – 1270mm wide) TV’s

Mobile TV Stand LOUNGE
Size of Storage box only – 900x300x1468
Size incl. casters & Base – 1000x590x1575
Accommodates 32  inch (810mm to 1090mm wide) TV’s