Planter Boxes

Comes flat packed
Does not include plants or drip trays for plants

The PET fiber panel is made up of 50% recycled raw polyester fiber and is 100% recyclable at the end of this incarnation. The polyester fiber is obtained from collected, used drinking and detergent bottles identified as PET and is recyclable. They are cleaned, sanitised and chopped up into chips which are then fed into a hopper. It is heated to form a resinous substance and then extruded through thin needles to form fine fibers. These get meshed together by being cooled down and compressed, forming a webbed material.

This material is cut into boards to form panels that have a minimum life expectancy of 10 years and have excellent acoustic and insulation properties. At the end of this productive use, the product is 100% recyclable.


Melamine box with waterproof coating inside. Add it to your end storage units for additional privacy.
Plants not included. Plants must have drip trays.

  • 600 x 450 (for Elevate storage – horizontal grain)
  • 755 x 400 (for Multi-storage – select grain direction)
  • 1510 x 420 (for end units – select grain direction)
  • 1510 x 450 x 300h (for lockers – select grain direction)

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