Cocoon Meeting Booth


The meeting Booth is ideal for open-plan offices, where they provide sheltered, private spaces in busy or hectic surroundings. This makes them perfect for focused work or small meetings.

Cocoon Meeting Booth is made up of 2 Booths, a Cocoon Filler Panel, and a Shell Booth table.

Required fabric running/linear meters per Booth (Note that you need 2 Booths for this set-up):
Component A = Seat & Backrest (same fabric, with no pattern) – 2m
Component B = Walls – 6.9m
Component C = Steel frame colour

Fabric for filler panel: 3.4m (linear meters)

Note if you are using a different fabric on the seat than on the backrest, then you need 2m for the seat and 2m for the backrest

Additional information

Dimensions 1500 × 745 × 1500 mm

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