Agile working is all about creating a flexible and productive environment. By creating purpose built working areas for different activities, within the office you can ensure your staff have complete freedom and flexibility to be as productive and engaged as possible.

Each employee spends a different proportion of their time in meetings or on team work or at their desk. By giving them the freedom and opportunity to move around and providing them with tools like presentation equipment, sound absorbing office components and brainstorming boards you are essentially unlocking dormant productivity. Not to mention the health benefits and decrease in absentee days.

Untitled-2A few ideas on areas that promote different responses, or cater for different needs:

  • WorkCaf√©: A coffee shop type atmosphere, with a bustling background calms and gives energy to some extroverts who want to be amoung people and are able to block out a constant background news.
  • InnovationCentre: A space that can move, transform and adapt as need demands, I’m talking mobile, flip top tables, white boards, presentation boards, Large monitors, Smart boards, Flexible light weight seating like stools or even boso balls.
  • The Library: A space with hot desking, where Library rules apply; all cell phones on silent, no answering calls, no meetings. Just peace and quiet with limited distractions and plenty of focus.
  • WarRoom: A meeting room with plenty of space to think, write and paste sticky notes. It is dedicated to team work and brainstorming.
  • Pause & Recharge: Lounge area dedicated to recharging, Physically and technically, with plenty of plug points, comfortable seating, a few coffee tables or writing tables and good aircon.
  • Unwind area: Fooseball tables, Playstation, bean bags, coffee machine, canteen tables, artwork or TV’s showing sport channels, Modelling channel or cooking channel depending on your employees taste.
  • Speakeasy: An in-house bar, because it is important for employees to get to know each other and socialise.

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