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The health of any organization is dependent on the wellbeing of its employees. Internationally we have seen a growing awareness of “wellbeing” at work and companies creating work environments to better support the health of their employees. Wellbeing in the workplace takes into consideration many factors from lighting and noise levels, to ergonomics and flow, to the availability of good coffee, or access to an outdoor space or balcony. Wellbeing also addresses air quality, plants, and natural light.

As an office furniture manufacturer, Entrawood has a responsibility to the South African workforce to address the ergonomics of the typical office worker. The truth is people are not moving enough throughout their workday. The average office worker is sitting 50-70% of the time. This seated workstyle poses long-term physical challenges, from back and neck pain to repetitive stress injuries. Entrawood wanted to offer SA companies, that place a high value on ergonomics and the health of their workforce, a quality, local height-adjustable desk range that supports the movement.

Entrawood Design and Innovation

Our mechanical engineer was set the task at the beginning of 2019, to design and build an in-house height-adjustable desk, he had the all the tools and resources Entrawood and Entrakor could offer at his disposal. At the end of March PJ presented his first demo model. It was such a fantastic pleasure to see a desk built in our factory move seamlessly up and down when prompted. The product incorporates Market-leading German & Austrian electronic and drive components.

Since then there have been many tweaks and improvements to ensure that we can offer our clients a great, locally manufactured product that features the “Desk-in-a-box” design favoured by Entrawood. The desk comes in compact packaging and is easy to install. The installation time is 8 minutes.

We have now moved into the testing stages. Our mechanical engineer is about to depart for Germany where he will visit Logicdata who are in the process of testing and comparing our desk to their European standards our desk and incorporating an additional safety feature.

Coming Soon…

The new Single, Dual and Dream Height-adjustable desks should be available to order early in 2020. The fist samples can be view in the Entrawood Showroom at 14, Kramer Road, Sandton.

Entrawood Height Adjustable Desk Range - available early 2020

Entrawood’s Height-adjustable Single Desk

Entrawood’s Height-adjustable Dual Desk

Entrawood’s Dream Desk
Birch Ply with a Laminate finish, shaped to the user

Height-adjustable desk Specifications:

  • Lifting Capacity: kg 110
  • Top length mm 1200-2000
  • Top width mm 600-900
  • Table height (for 22mm top) mm 712-1220
  • Low motor noise levels
  • Lifting Speed 38 mm/s
  • Warranty (on plastic glides & electronics, motors) years 2
  • Quick installation time
  • Premium quality German & Austrian drive & electronic components