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Study Shows What South Africans Love And Hate Most About The Workplace

By September 15, 2016Food for thought

Article by:  Zoya Po, 14 September , 2016, For Marie Claire


A new poll by Inspiration Office confirms a few funny observations about the things we as a country love and hate in the workplace. As reported by Business Tech, the poll quizzed 12 000 office workers. The results are guaranteed to make you feel all the relatable feels.

Unsurprisingly, the study found that the thing we love most about the workplace, is the thing that motivates us to get up: coffee.

Because we’re positive, we’re going to start off with the things South Africans love:

  • Access to good tea and coffee – 95%
  • Security – 91%
  • A healthy environment – 87%
  • Natural light – 85%
  • Greenery – 71%
  • Canteens – 65%
  • Comfortable chairs – 52%

Loud colleagues topped the list of most hated things in the workplace. It was followed by colleagues who smell up the office by eating lunch at their desks. Bad bosses came in third with 66%, ‘particularly those that were hyper-critical and micro managers’ according to Richard Andrews, MD of Inspiration Office.

  • Loud colleagues – 88%
  • Colleagues who “smelled up the place’ – 76%
  • Unbearable bosses – 66%
  • Lack of privacy – 50%
  • Dreary office spaces
  • Long meetings
  • Dress codes
  • Working hours

Here’s hoping we all get a good cup of coffee in today.

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