Increase the use of shared office spaces

By Feb 11, 2020Feb 26th, 2020Food for thought

6 Factors that increase the use of shared spaces

Shared office spaces that look great and add a fun or comfortable dynamic to the office. However they are often not used frequently or as intended. Here are 6 key factors to take into consideration when you design an office space that offers employees choice.

Tools For The Task

People prefer to work in spaces that make it easy. It is only when you put a blanket down in the park that people gather around.

Consider the following; a writing surface, appropriate seating (with back support and not too low), display monitor or whiteboard, the size, shape & height of the meeting table (if any).

People & Their Things

Desks and chairs supports actual work/tasks. However people come with belongings, which need to be placed or secured somewhere. Choose between local storage or centralised lockers.

Recharge & Connect

People are more likely to work in spaces where they can Plug-n-play.

Quick and easy WiFi connections are expected. A lack thereof causes frustration.

Offer Privacy

People naturally gravitate towards areas that offer some form of privacy. Whether it is to have a privileged conversation or meeting, or to minimise distractions and do focused work. Shared spaces can cater to different levels of visual, acoustical or territorial privacy.

Is it Truly Agile?

Are your shared office spaces flexible? Spaces should be able to change to suit the needs of different people and tasks? This is achieved by incorporating flexi, mobile or adjustable furniture and tools. Also ensure people know that they are allowed to move the furniture around.

Proximity is key

People shouldn’t have to go out of their way to find and use shared office spaces. Incorporate these spaces into the floor plan, close to workstations. People don’t want to climb a few floors to get to the coffee station.