Entrawood & Inscape Project 2020

By Jun 17, 2020Jul 7th, 2020Food for thought

We challenged the 3rd year students at Inscape to design a stand that promotes the benefits and multi-purpose use of several new products – all are either mobile, height adjustable, or stackable. They are also asked to incorporate the materials and capabilities of our factories into the actual stand design and build. Below are a few of the projects that stood out.

The theme of the stand is The Power Of Movement. The stand needs to invite interaction and engage passers-by. Students were asked to submit a written concept, stand layout with the desired flow, as well as renders that illustrate their use of materials, colours, and textures.

We want to thank Esther Martins, the Programme Coordinator and all the Inscape Lecturers and student for taking the time to consider the Entrawood products and how they can be showcased. We really enjoyed going through some of the ideas and concepts, we wish you all the best with your final year projects.

Due to uncertainty around the duration of various national alert levels and restrictions implemented (particularly around events) to fight the pandemic the 100% Design Expo has been canceled for 2020. Whilst The Design Joburg exhibition is currently delayed until October 2020. So unfortunately we will not be showcasing any of the student stand designs at an exhibition this year.

Jennifer Jonkers – Pretoria Campus

We really liked how the student thought about movement and wellness and incorporated it into her stand design. Even without a stand representative present, the concept is clearly communicated. We also appreciated the Maluti Dream Desk’s top curves that were echoed in the floor and walls designs.

Chane Beukes – Durban Campus

The Power of movement theme was evident in the impression of motion created through the different heights/flow of wooden panels. We also like the consideration of visitor movement through the space.

Nicole Sissing – Cape Town Campus

The student really considered and made use of the multi-purpose characteristics of the products. She offered two layouts/scenarios (desks become meeting table) that can be switched to throughout the expo to demonstrate this.

Micaela Kwok – Midrand Campus

The student created a very attractive stand, which also has a nice flow (the way visitors move through the stand). The stand facilitates meetings with a pause area, a monitor showcasing work, a coffee stand and a meeting table that has some privacy.

Sameerah Kadwa – Durban Campus

The student didn’t allow the limitations of the stand size to restrict her showing different ranges. She created miniature set-ups that are 3D printed, to create talking points along the perimeter of the stand, so they can’t be missed by passers-by.