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By April 2, 2024Food for thought


In a previous post, we explored the personal benefits of a clean desk, which is beautifully summed up in the quote by Theobald and Cooper (4): “Detox your desk, declutter your life and mind”. Here we shine a light on how it can benefit the entire workspace and how the policy can be supported with the right furnishings.

5 benefits of a clean desk policy in the office:

  1. Reduces clutter and distractions in an open-plan office format.
  2. A clean and well-organised environment improves efficiency and productivity.
  3. Saves time – Everything has a place and a reason for being there.
  4. Good housekeeping shows mutual respect amongst team members and pride in the company
  5. Looks professional to any client, investor or director who is in the office for a meeting.

Implement the policy with supporting tools and furniture.

We can give thanks to increased digitalisation, which has reduced the amount of paper circulating in the office. Although the decision to go “paperless” is often paired with the assumption that people no longer need storage for filing or stationery. However, the reality is that people still bring their personal items to work, be that a lunchbox a handbag, a hat, a jacket or a backup set of heels.

Localised storage: If there is no deep drawer, or under-desk-hook to utilise, then personal items are bound to end up on top or under the desk, or worse slouching against the nearest wall.

Allocated storage area: With hot-desks becoming a popular office format there needs to be secure storage where each employee can keep their things safe while they move from one task to the next throughout their workday.

Fully kitted shared spaces: Meeting rooms with power on the desk, and a smart TV will reduce cables. While a kitchen with sufficient storage space will keep the counter clear and more hygienic. A shredder or bin near the printer and resource library for samples, books, or awards are also great ways to keep things organised and the workstations de-cluttered.

The best way to achieve optimal use of space and anticipate and make allowances for employee needs is with a detailed layout. Employees will benefit from a more organised environment that is considered and a company will bear the fruit of a more productive wowrkspace.

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