The 48hour brief with INSCAPE Education Group

By Nov 2, 2017 Food for thought, Layout

We are often faced with tight deadlines and pressure to do a layout, render, get approval to place an order within in a day or two, so that we can make, deliver, install office furniture 2 weeks later.

In collaboration with Leigh Krueger, the Undergraduate Academic Manager and Carsten Walton, the Faculty Dean for Built Environment we created a challenging but fun brief  for the 2nd year students at all 4 of the INSCAPE Education Group. They were faced with a similar real-world challenge, only this was there 1st exposure to offices layouts and to Entrawood furniture.
The brief kicked off at each campus with a presentation by Entrawood on industry trends, and practical considerations when doing an office layout at each campus. Students were given a office space, setting the boundaries, footprints of the furniture to enhance the function of the space and 3 themes – Juxtaposition, Daydream or Crystal Clear –  to choose and draw inspiration from.
They were also only given 48 hours to hand in a moodboard, floor plan and renders of the space they had created.

An inspiring collaboration, deriving fantastic design solutions between our INSCAPE Interior Design 2nd Years and Entrawood. The challenge of designing a functional and aesthetic office environment within 48-hours was no small task, yet the students provided interesting and creative ways to solve and plan the spaces, utilising many of Entrawood’s beautiful and ergonomic furniture design solutions. The project was as success, as the students not only got to work with an industry leading manufacturer, but also gained much experience in time management working under pressure. INSCAPE looks forward to future collaborations with Entrawood!

Carsten P. Walton
INSCAPE Faculty Dean – Built Environment

Here are is the best student work (in Entrawaood’s opinion and in no particular order) from each campus, as well as some fun renders to give an overview of all the work submitted.

Jordan Van Vuuren


Nicola De Decker

Cape Town

Pholile Manonga


Alisha Roberts


General impression of some student work

All campuses